Today Is The Day When You Push Forward

We all have a day like this from time to time…

It’s 6 am and the alarm starts to sound
Your first thought is “Damn” and your head starts to pound
Pick up your phone, turn off the bell
Your heart turns to stone, start feeling unwell
Realisation hits, another day facing hell

Waking up in the morning your mind filled with dread
Still tired and yawning as you get out of bed
Wanting to hide from the day up ahead
So anxious inside “Can’t I curl up instead?”
It’s a school day remember? The kids need to be fed

Your stomach feels queasy, your head’s in a spin
The struggle’s not easy, don’t know where to begin
The voice in your brain, adding stress, adding strain
It’s happening again, feels like you’re going insane

Every day is like this, it’s a recurring theme
Something amiss, like a nightmarish dream
Feeling alone, no-one there on your team
You let out a moan, no strength for a scream

No energy to hurry with this stress and this strain
The cause of this worry is anxiety again
Every minute the same with no respite in sight
Your will being drained, feel like giving up on the fight
Feeling weak, feeling pain, losing every ounce of your might

So what do you do? Do you go back to bed?
Or is today the day when you push forward instead?