Don't Waste A Day

Welcome To Don’t Waste A Day

Welcome to my blog Don’t Waste a Day. I’d like to give you a very warm welcome and say thank you for giving me your time.

So why the name ‘Don’t Waste a Day’?

Mental health is a terribly debilitating condition, it has caused me to waste many days of my own existence through not being able to go outside to face the world. I hope that by telling my story and offering my thoughts that I might be able to help other sufferers to not waste a day of their lives.

Mental health issues can strike anybody at any time.

It’s a sad fact that each and every one of us can suffer from depression, anxiety, stress or any other mental health illness (I know, I still suffer myself) and during these times life is hard. Also in these tough times it is vitally important to have somebody in your corner, someone who will help to push you through your darkest days.

That’s where Don’t Waste a Day comes in. I will use my own personal experiences as a sufferer of various mental health conditions to give an insight into how this affects me in my everyday life. But I will also offer inspirational advice, quotes and my own personal thoughts and poetry with the intention of trying to help motivate you to push forward on those days where things are feeling tough. I want to help you to strive for what you want and to achieve your dreams.

Some of the poetry will be based upon my own thoughts and feelings throughout life’s ups and downs, however I’ll always try to leave you with some inspiration.

Please enjoy your stay and leave a comment.